Weather Stations, Astrolabes And Globes


We manufacture and export a wide assortment of weather station, astrolabes and globes that are beautifully designed by our well qualified artisans. These are mostly used by weather department and are also used as a decorative item for commercial or non-commercial places. An array of astrolabes manufactured by us is an antediluvian computer which is highly used on ships to tell placement and time. Weather station manufacturer and exporter provide you a vast collection of nautical items which was used to indicate the local time. Today, these are highly used and appreciated as a decorative item that can add an sophisticated look to your home or official décor. An array of weather station, astrolabes and globes includes barometer, thermometers, hygrometers, nautical candle holders, globes, Astronomical compass, titanic globe, arrow titanic and many more. Globes manufacturer are also involved in producing an antique collection of astrolabes and globes.