Nautical Brass Compasses


A beautifully carved solid range of Nautical Brass compasses manufactured by us are highly appreciated by the worldwide customers because of its fully functionality and beautiful finish. Most of the Nautical Brass Compasses are being produced with high-luster finish & well polished and some of these are offered by us in an antique brass finish. A large selection of Nautical Brass Compasses are available in stock, and now we are manufacturing the main variables that affect the accuracy of a sundial are the azimuth, latitude of the instrument, and level. Nautical Brass Compasses manufactured by us has the ability to set all three variables. Nautical Brass Compasses manufacturer exporter introduce you an exclusive range of handcrafted products which is being fabricated from solid material and high quality polished to a beautiful finish. We use only finest quality raw material in making of our nautical item which is procured by the reliable sources

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