Product Range

  1. Surveying Instruments

    Surveying Instruments

     Our mission To provide better service & better quality instruments at very reasonable price.

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  2. Teapot Candle Lamps

    Teapot Candle Lamps

    ‚ÄčDecorative candle lamps, Moroccan candle lanterns, Black iron sconces, Tea light lamp.

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  3. Spotlights


    We have in store for our customers an exclusive variety of tripod lamp stands, search lights that are aesthetically designed by a team of talented and experienced designers. Available in various sizes and finishes, the tripod stands offered by us can also be customized according to the specific requirements of our clients. We offer our customers unique range of search light that is widely demanded by our clients across the globe for its compact design and portability.

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  4. Brass Telescopes, Brass Binoculars And Magnifying Glasses

    Brass Telescopes, Brass Binoculars And Magnifying Glasses

    Nautical optics are made by using solid brass tubes & fittings and high quality optics as well. We bring a unique collection of nautical optics which is highly used for decorative purposes at home or commercial places. Our unique selection of Nautical Optics manufactured by us are widely appreciated for its unique designs. Nautical Antique designed nautical optics are prepared with the best quality material that ensures its durability and reliability. We manufacture and export these exclusive range of nautical Binoculars that are available with us in shiny and beautiful finish.

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  5. Equestrian Items

    Equestrian Items

    Equestrian, Pet products and Small Leather Goods are the finest professionally made articles. If you want to choose quality, we are there to satisfy your requirements. Our extremely well crafted articles are suitable for all the people around the globe. They feature simple yet elegant designs and at the same time giving the customers the full satisfaction of their money’s worth.


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  6. Nautical Gifts

    Nautical Gifts

    Nautical gifts manufacturer bring forth for you an extensive range of different kinds of nauticals that can be availed at most affordable prices. We are widely appreciated for our wide variety of nautical products so that recognized as the most preferred nautical gifts.

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  7. Nautical Brass Compasses

    Nautical Brass Compasses

    A beautifully carved solid range of Nautical Brass compasses manufactured by us are highly appreciated by the worldwide customers because of its fully functionality and beautiful finish. Most of the Nautical Brass Compasses are being produced with high-luster finish & well polished and some of these are offered by us in an antique brass finish. A large selection of Nautical Brass Compasses are available in stock, and now we are manufacturing the main variables that affect the accuracy of a sundial are the azimuth, latitude of the instrument, and level. Nautical Brass Compasses manufactured by us has the ability to set all three variables.

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  8. Weather Stations, Astrolabes And Globes

    Weather Stations, Astrolabes And Globes

    We manufacture and export a wide assortment of weather station, astrolabes and globes that are beautifully designed by our well qualified artisans. These are mostly used by weather department and are also used as a decorative item for commercial or non-commercial places. An array of astrolabes manufactured by us is an antediluvian computer which is highly used on ships to tell placement and time. Weather station manufacturer and exporter provide you a vast collection of nautical items which was used to indicate the local time. Today, these are highly used and appreciated as a decorative item that can add an sophisticated look to your home or official décor.

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  9. Wooden Ship Wheels And Nautical Accessories

    Wooden Ship Wheels And Nautical Accessories

    A solid brass part and sheesham wood is used to produce these wheels that can make it more attractive and durable. We are engaged in manufacturing and export an array of Wooden Ship wheels and Nautical accessories. Nautical accessories manufacturers and exporters offer their quality collection of products at the highly competitive prices. We design and fabricate an enticing range of Wooden Ship wheels and Nautical accessories by using qualitative raw material that ensures its durability and requires low maintenance. These are specially designed by our creative minded team of craftsmen and designers that can add a magical spark to your home or commercial places.

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  10. Nautical Lamp Stands, Pen Stands And Bookends

    Nautical Lamp Stands, Pen Stands And Bookends

    We are on the leading Nautical lamp stand manufacturers who centres its endeavors towards the complete satisfaction of its huge clientele. We are also known as a pen stands manufacturer who can also manufacture an assortment of Bookends. These all collection of products are available with us in brass polish and antique finish. Nautical lamp stands manufacturer can also provide you its huge collection of products from smaller to bigger size and it can also be customized as per your requirements.

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  11. Ship Telegraphs

    Ship Telegraphs

    In ancient time, the ship telegraphs was the only source of communication between the pilot house and engine room. A beautifully carved Ship telegraph manufactured by us has detents to pull the handles at every station. An exclusive range of ship telegraph is made up of solid brass which is fixed with a wooden base. Ship telegraph manufacturer and exporter offer you an extensive range of nautical products which is available with perfect mirror finish that can be used for interior or exterior decoration. It can be availed from us in customized range and very lowest prices.

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  12. Antique Sextants

    Antique Sextants

    We can design and provide a large selection of Antique Sextants which is highly polished to a beautiful finish. A quality made and fully functional range of Antique Sextants manufactured by us with free of maintenance patina. It can also be customized as per your specific requirement and are offered by us with hard wood cases and inlaid polished brass.

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  13. Sand Timers

    Sand Timers

    We are engaged in manufacturing and export a wide range of sand timers that can be measure the passage within a hour. Its dual connected bulbs allow a regulate trickle of material from top to bottom. It can be inverted automatically to begin timing again when top bulb is empty. Sand timers manufactured by us are highly used for cooking, kitchen egg timer and also as a decorative item.

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  14. Sea Divers Helmets

    Sea Divers Helmets

    The sea divers helmets manufacturer and exporter introduce you an extensive range of reproduction brass or copper helmets. A beautifully designed divers helmet is just like as a U.S. Navy V Mark Helmet. These are mostly used by the U.S Navy for most salvage during the world war II. With industrial rich expertise, we offer a selective range of Sea divers helmet which is manufactured by using top class metal or material procured by the reliable vendors.

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  15. Nautical Lamps

    Nautical Lamps

    We manufacture and export a vast collection of nautical lamps that are available with us in numerous designs and variety with inbuilt oil burners. You will find a selective range of Nautical lamps to suits most requirements and pockets. An antique range of nautical lamps are a perfect decorative item with ethnicity. An handcrafted nautical lamps manufactured by us are a perfect product which can be enhance the beauty of your home decor. It can also be availed by us in all sizes, shapes and colors.

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  16. Brass Ship Bells

    Brass Ship Bells

    A solid range of brass ship bells are mostly made up of cast brass which is available with an engraved name of ship. Sound of a ship bells are usually used to indicate the duty hour of sailors and regulate the sailors duty watches. It is specially used as a decorative item but these are being used in several places for commercial purposes. You can also buy a plain nautical brass ship bell and engraved it as you like. A tinkling soothing sound creates a special effect of sound to the entire environment.

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  17. Antique Gramophones

    Antique Gramophones

    An antique gramophones manufactured by us are offered by us with handcrafted wooden box. These are widely known for its unique features and pleasant sound as compared to this blasting music world today. This will give an soothing effect to mind when they give you a mellow sound. It has been crafted perfectly by our well qualified and experienced artisans they have had a huge knowledge of antique or nautical products. An array of antique gramophones are produced with a premium quality raw material that ensures its durability.

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  18. Brass Portholes

    Brass Portholes

    A wide range of top quality brass portholes manufactured by us are widely used as a decorative item and also can be drilled on doors. These are being produced with solid brass metal and can be customized in terms of sizes and shapes. It can also be customized as per your  specification at very lowest prices. It was used on a ship to permit light and air to enter the dark place and often used to view to the outside world.

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  19. Nautical Clocks

    Nautical Clocks

    An accurate measure of time is most important for any person so that we are highly evolved in the market a a well reckoned nautical clocks manufacturers and exporters. We design and provide you an aesthetic range of Nautical Clock to Bring a classy yet ethnic look to the surroundings of your living area. We manufacture and export an assortment of nautical clock which is perfectly polished to finished.

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  20. Antique Phones

    Antique Phones

    In an advance scenario dial system telephones are not even exist in the market and counted as a antique product. A wide array of antique phones are available with us in attractive finishings. The uniqueness of the old telephones has become very classy and used as a decorative item. The company has established itself amongst the leading antique phones manufacturers and exporters of India.

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